Tuesday, 5 April 2016


We should focus on the bright side of life

Ever since this blog was originally made in 2000-something (a few years ago) and because almost everyone who was staying here for a while was and is obviously a bit obsessed with fashion, the fashion part got a raw deal the last weeks.
Everything started with a fashion blog, daily outfits, short stories without a thoughtful background - that's it. 
My little diary, never too personal, has grown up.

I wanted to thank you guys for your constant following, lovely words and heart-warming compliments.
Yes, its been a few years of more or less constant blogging.
However, let me quickly tell you: This is not a farewell letter. I just wanted to thank you all for everything. 
This is just an announcement that my fashion side of life will come back soon. It's spring, it's getting warmer and I'm full of beans. 
Stay tuned, folks!

xx, Patty


  1. Ich freu mich schon auf deine herrlichen Sommeroutfits in langen, bunten Boho-Kleidern *_*

  2. Ich mochte deinen Blog schon immer, egal welche Art von Posts du machst! :)